hi there!
I'm Sophia, nice to meet you.

There's a good chance I'm listening to an economics podcast while writing an email.

Sophia O'Neal sitting in a chair reading a book.

I'm a freelance branding and marketing strategist who delights in helping purpose-driven companies tell their story in a way that makes customers go, "oh my word, I love it!"

I am a

- award-winning speaker
- terrible surfer
- height-fearing rock climber

by noon

- crème brûlée connoisseur
- WIRED reader
- history nerd

by night

I am a

terrible surfer,
award-winning public speaker,
height-fearing rock-climber, history nerd

by noon

creme brulee connoisseur, impressionist art lover,
re-reading Lord of the Rings,
watching the latest M. Night Shyamalan film

by night

but I wake up dreaming about branding

Branding has been a passion of mine since my first pair of Warby Parker glasses arrived in high school and I squealed in delight (not at the knowledge that I would see clearer!) but over the mix of colors, icon designs, messaging, and fonts on the packaging. Somebody designed all this! And got paid for it?! I wanted that job.

So I spent the next seven years figuring out how to become a brand strategist, and by extension, a digital marketing devotee. Because branding no one sees is pointless.

Now I bounce out of bed every morning delighted to work with founders to turn their story in a visual reality and introduce their brainchild of a company to the world.

a short history


2019-2020 Marketing Director
Chick-fil-A Indian River Rd

2016-2020 Startup Student Assistant
Strome Entrepreneurial Center, Old Dominion University

2018 Strategy Intern

2017 Social Media & Influencer Marketing Intern
Hamilton Perkins Collection

2016 PR Intern
Meridian Group


2015-2019 Old Dominion University
BSBA International Business

2019 Maynooth University, Ireland (study abroad)
Certificate International Business
Certificate International Marketing


Google Analytics
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
Google Ads Video

other projects I'm part of


do you have a
- company idea
- startup
- small business
- fluffy dog?

let's get coffee and talk about your brand!

(please bring the dog)